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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Macon County

Are you facing criminal charges in Macon County? It is time to fight back.

At Patel Law, PC, our criminal defense team has is focused on developing a defense case that establishes a high degree of doubt that our client is guilty. The law requires that the prosecutor must prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt for a conviction. This is known as the "burden of proof" in a criminal case. At Patel Law, PC our attorneys take advantage of the prosecution's legal obligation to prove their case. We have successfully defended clients for almost 20 years, taking more than 200 trials to verdict. Our legal team has represented individuals in tens of thousands of criminal cases. We operate as a team in preparing for and defending your case, providing you with the commitment and knowledge of a group of accomplished legal professionals.

Our lead attorney is a former federal prosecutor and senior county prosecutor. The Illinois Supreme Court certified him as a member of the Capital Litigation Trial Bar, able to defend death penalty cases in the state, based on his experience in defending high-profile murders. To date, the state has not sentenced a single one of our clients in a murder trial to the death penalty. Nor has the state imposed a life sentence upon any of our clients in these cases. Our abilities at trial are known throughout the criminal courts in Illinois, and if you are facing charges in Macon County, we urge you to contact us so we can take action for you.

We assist individuals against all types of charges from including drug crimes, sex crimes, violent crimes, as well as DUI and criminal traffic offenses. Our legal team can defend cases involving federal crimes, including all white collar crimes and other criminal offenses in which the case is filed in federal court. Federal procedures differ from those at the state level, and the penalties that are imposed are far more severe than in state criminal court. You need to retain an accomplished Macon County defense attorney who experienced in federal criminal court if you are hoping to avoid the severe consequences of a conviction. We are dedicated to protecting you, your rights and your freedom in every legal action we take on your behalf.

Proven Criminal Defense from a Macon County Attorney

We have an advantage over many criminal law firms. As former prosecutors we have first-hand knowledge into prosecutorial case development. We have a great deal of insight into how to identify the flaws and weak points in a case, whether related to the gathering of evidence, lab procedures, police errors or witnesses. We have behind-the-scenes knowledge through our work on the "other side" that can be of great benefit to you in your case.

There are many other proven ways we defend cases aside from our use of the prosecution's burden of proof. Our legal system presumes innocence until an individual is proven guilty in a court of law. This means we do not have to present witnesses to demonstrate your innocence and you do not have to speak on your own behalf. Our lawyers may simply persuasively argue that a prosecutor failed to adequately prove his or her case. A jury will make a decision based upon the presentation by the prosecutor and the defense attorney. Not all criminal lawyers have the persuasive trial skills or the ability to craft a truly compelling case for the defense. We are professional and known for our excellent legal work. We are available on an immediate basis to discuss your legal problem.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees your rights against unlawful search and seizure of your property or person. If you have been a victim of a rights violation, we will take immediate legal action to get any illegal obtained evidence suppressed. We have had many cases in which the charges were completely dismissed, including cases involving drug crimes. You can be confident that we will review every detail of your case to find the weak points that can be exploited for your defense. A large majority of cases have errors and flaws. We urge you to allow us to review the evidence against you at once. It may be possible to get the charges against you dismissed or greatly reduced. Your freedom and your rights are the focus of every action we take on your behalf. Get a truly professional defense team on your side.

If you are accused of assault and battery, we want to hear your side of the story, and what really occurred. We are on your side. There are many cases in which a person is forced to defend against an attack. Our job is to expose the truth. It is often possible to cast significant doubt on the reliability of a witness. Our firm will look into every detail of the case against you, including the prosecutor's witnesses to craft a strategy that is geared to get results. An aggressive cross-examination can create a significant doubt as to the honesty of a witness. We engage in any action that could help your case, whether negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the case, or building a compelling case for the defense to pursue a full acquittal at trial. We are persuasive, well-prepared and confident in the courtroom.

When you have a criminal defense lawyer fighting for you that has a record of success in defending serious criminal cases, you can immediately improve your chances of avoiding the consequences of a conviction. We know defense law. Call today.

For more information and for a case review, contact our firm immediately.

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