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Decatur Criminal Defense Attorney

Looking for a lawyer for a criminal case in Decatur, IL?

No matter what criminal charges you may be facing, one thing rings true and that is the importance of having an experienced attorney on your side. Don't let one minor mistake or mix-up ruin your reputation and stunt your future. A criminal conviction can be debilitating for anyone and can make it extremely difficult to find work or even secure a mortgage loan. Here at Patel Law, PC we deal with criminal cases on a daily basis and we know how harsh and unforgiving the prosecution can be, but don't lose hope! Our firm has had great success in the past and we can pursue outstanding case results on your behalf. Our firm has handled over 200 trial cases over the years and we have extensive courtroom litigation experience. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a crime, then you can count on our Decatur criminal attorney to protect your rights inside and outside the courtroom. Contact our firm today to discuss the details of your case. A solid defense begins now!

Hire a Decatur Criminal Lawyer

When it comes to hiring a criminal defense attorney, experience makes a huge difference. You don't want an attorney who has never stepped foot in a courtroom or won a single case. Our lead attorney, Baku Patel was a federal prosecutor and a senior county prosecutor before he became a criminal lawyer and he has been on both sides of the legal system. He understands the ins-and-outs of the criminal prosecution better than anyone because he has been in their shoes. With his unique legal background, insight and knowledge of the law, you could have a distinct advantage in the courtroom. Attorney Patel has also tried more than 100 jury trials to a verdict. He knows how to build winning defense strategies and he can tailor it to your specific needs.

Protecting the Rights of the Accused in Decatur

Our firm is no ordinary criminal defense law firm. We don't take on minor shoplifting cases everyday, we have taken on high profile murder cases in the past. Our lead attorney has also been certified by the Supreme Court of Illinois to join the Capital Litigation Trial Bar. This association deals with austere death penalty cases. Attorney Patel is often called upon to offer trusted legal counsel in serious criminal cases and he can help give you the upper hand in court.

Here at Patel Law, PC we handle every type of criminal matter from theft, drug crimes, sex crimes, traffic offenses, computer crimes, campus crimes, violent crimes and weapon crimes. We also represent minors against juvenile crimes and repeated offenders who are facing probation violations. If you have been arrested for any alcohol-related offense including DUI, multiple DUI, underage DUI, drug DUI or vehicular manslaughter, we can fight against license suspension.

Criminal Lawyer Serving Clients in Decatur, Illinois

The criminal process can be terrifying, especially if this is your first encounter with the law. We understand the feelings of helplessness and fear that may be experiencing. Let our Decatur criminal defense attorney guide your through this process so that you are not left unprotected in court. Don't wait to reach out and grab a legal lifeline. Our firm has gained a fierce reputation for vigorous defense over the years. We have successfully fought to have charges dismissed and reduced so that our clients are not subjected to the full force of the law. Contact Patel Law, PC today for aggressive defense against your charges. We are available to answer the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so pick up the phone and dial (888) 503-3430.

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